10' chain 3/16" for Welding Art Sculpture Projects UNCOATED


Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

$ 26.90

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     Having been a fabricator and artist for many years now, the most annoying thing about working with chain is the zinc or galvanized coating.   The stuff interferes with the weld terribly and makes a blackened, charred mess that you have to brush off or just cover up in some way.  I have even burned chain in a firepit to try and get the coating off.   Sometimes I used a torch.   None of those ways are good.   When I found this slick chain, clean steel, I was delighted.   Now welding is a snap.  Hardly any cleanup like before.   Perfect for sculpture, found art, junkyard art,  sign making, mail box, etc.   Go wild with it!    I can even seen motorcyle accessoriews if I think about it long enough.

10 foot length of chain perfect for small welding jobs. 3/16" which is the thickness of the link side itself. Each link measures 1 3/8" long by 3/4" wide approximately. Note this chain is not zinc or galvanized coated making it very easy to weld. This is perfect for scuplture, artworks, making letters or names. Note that 12 links make about a foot.

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