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Shepherds Hook Planter or Ashtray Portable Adjustable Cast Iron Floral Weddings

Designer: Carvers Old Iron

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  • Totally Portable, adjustable and collapsable! 57" tall!  Just look at pics.
  • STRONG Made of tough steel, NO PLASTIC
  • Ribbed Galvanized Bucket 4" tall x 5" across
  • Throat dimension is 21 inches tall x 4 inches deep
  • Holds 10 lbs.  Largest item to hang  is 7" OD
  • Perfect for parties and weddings.
  • Great for plants and flowers and can be used on pavement or grass. Its Portable!
  • Can be used for a planter or flower arrangement or as a free standing ashtray..   Just add sand or water.

The nicest little butt bucket set up you've ever seen. The bucket is galvanized Steel pail with handle. It has ribs around it making it look unique and quaint. It measures 4" tall to the lip and 5" wide at the top. Just fill with sand or water to use as an outdoor ashtray. The bucket hangs off a dark brownish shepherds hook with a very nice decorative base. Base is 9 1/2" across. The shepherds hook assembly is coated in old brown patina as can be seen in the photos. The portable hook will rust if left out in the weather permanently. The rods screw into this base and then a solid rod shepherds hook screws into them. By leaving some of the rods off the assembly you can make it adjustable up or down. At the lowest position it stands about 18" tall. At the tallest it goes about 57". Perfect to place by the side of patio furniture or in the back yard. Or you can extend it for other uses, such as plant holders, candles, lamps, etc. Here are the benefits. It is totally portable and so can be placed where ever you want it. It can be used on pavement or concrete. It can hold the weight of potted plants easily. We tested it to 20 lbs. It holds easily. It breaks down to a compact size to store in the box it was shipped in. When you aren't using it as a party or outdoor ashtray you can use it for decoration for holding plants in or out. Made of tough steel. No plastic to get old and crack.

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