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Heavy Cast Iron Horseshoe Clydesdale Astray

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

Sold Out

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Its a big ashtray.    Not just big, but it includes a giant Clydesdale horseshoe molded right into it.     Its for those who want to hollar out WESTERN in their decor with no misunderstandings.   Plus, to add a little more flair to it, the bowl has a 3" Lone Star in the bottom of it.    Beautiful and heavy and gigantic.     What more could a smoker ask for?

  • heavy cast iron
  • about 8" across, 1 1/2" tall
  • has 5 cutouts for cigars and cigarettes
  • actual Clydesdale shoe molded right in
  • One of a kind gift for those you think highly of

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