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Cast Iron Gear Bathroom Accessories

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

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  1. Heavy cast iron gears make the coolest bathroom accessories ever
  2. 4 pc set with counter sink screw holes and mounting hardware
  3. Make this a dream come true for your mechanic, gearhead, wrench, technician, racer, biker, gearheads, motorheads, steampunk
  4. A great gift and conversation starter in every bathroom.

Finally a bathroom set for that special someone you know who just loves gear, oil, motors, noise, etc!   Actual cast gears formed to make a 24 inch towel bar, a gear towel ring for hand towels, a double gear hook for just hanging stuff up, and a timing chain gear and chain assembly to hold your fav toilet paper.  What else could they possibly need?   Altogether weighs about 10 lbs of imposing cast iron!   The gear toilet holder sticks out about 6" from the wall and holds the big rolls too.  Cause gearheads require it!

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