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6pc Cast Iron 2" Balls Finials Crafts

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

$ 28.99

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  1. Set weighs about 7 lbs. 1 lb 3 oz each.
  2. They are solid cast iron made for fence post toppers or finials.  About 2" diameter
  3. Sand cast so the finish is not totally smooth.  They look old and authentic.

   I know they are just cast iron balls.  6 of them.  Heavy at 1 lb 3 oz each, but just looking at them brings home the brutality of the Civil War as I look back on it.   Can't you just imagine these heavy little things flying through the air at somewhere between 850 to 1500 feet per second?   I looked that up so maybe it isn't right.  Regardless, this flying hunk of cast iron wouldn't slow much hitting a human body.      Terrible picture in my mind.   War is hell.

     On the other hand, maybe you just want to build a fence with a nice round ball on top.    Should last about forever being solid.     Or furniture, gag Easter Eggs, or craft away doing whatever you do.   Easy to paint too or just leave to rust since they are new cast iron,  it won't be long.   

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