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B9 Hand Rebar Bender Hickey Bar Hicky manual 1 1/8" #9 bar


Designer: DC Mach Inc.

$ 168.99

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This is a hand rebar bender number B9 built by DC Mach Inc, in Houston, TX.   It is designed to bend up to #9 bar or 1 1/8".   It has a 60" handle to help with the leverage too.   The head is solid steel and tilted in such a way as to help your back a little by not having to bend over so far.  

This is a big tool for big jobs.  HOWEVER ITS NOT DESIGNED FOR GRADE 60 REBAR.

It is tested tough in the field from the Virgin Islands to Canada.  You know for a fact if it wasn't a great tool I would hear about it.   These tools are a perfect low dollar bender for general construction roadways or slabs.   I paint these tools black to protect from corrosion and paint the heads red so you can find them on a construction site.


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