Standing Cast Iron Spike and Broken Chain Cross

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

$ 47.00

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I travel to a small town about 20 miles out of Houston to go to church.   It is right across the street from a railroad track.   I walked down this track till I found a handful of old spikes.    When back at my shop I arranged them every which a way till I came up with this sculpture.   Hugely symbolic, the spikes represent the ones through my Saviours hands and feet, the chain represents all the things that drag us down into sin and despair.   The chain being parted across the spikes represents the power of the promise.   As Believers we have hope for a new life.   Our way has been paid for.

Sculpture stands about 12" tall and is 6" wide.  Base is about 5" across.  Weighs about 3 lbs.  Spike cross appears to float weightless in the air, carrying the broken chain with it.  Beautiful and meaningful and a wonderful gift for anyone of faith.

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