Military 3x5 Flag Box quick access Concealment safe

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

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  • Concealment Flag Box, Hide your possessions in plain sight
  • Real flag box fitting a 3 x 5 presentation flag (not funeral)
  • Plenty of room inside for valuables behind flag, non scratch inner lining
  • Can hang on wall or sit on desk, shelf, or mantle. Non scratch feet.
  • 17" x 12" sloping sides with non breaking plexiglas front door.   Magnetically held door.
  • Will also work as an urn or any kind of memorial
  • Does not come with flag, you have to provide that.  We provide a paper flag.

This beautiful memorial flag box does double duty. It not only holds your priceless flag momento but it is designed to be a personal property concealment box too. The flag box is made of MDF fiberboard with beautiful oaken finish. Its different from most flag boxes in that it opens from the front so you can get to your valuables in a hurry if you need to. We have it loaded it with a S&W .357 Magnum. It fits easily along with a knife, watch, money or whatever else you need to hide. All of these things fit behind a folded standard presentation flag of 3 x 5' which is easily attached to the front opening door. The door is held by magnets so opening is fast when it needs to be. Note, the flagbox comes with a paper "flag" as a display. Box is overall 19" wide and 10" tall with a depth of  3 3/4" inside front to back.

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