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Brown Heavy Cast Iron Railroad Spike Bathroom Accessory set 4 pc

Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

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  • 4pc Cast Iron Railroad Spike Bath or Kitchen Accessories
  • Old rustic brown finish with matching hardware
  • toilet paper holder, single hook, 6" bath towel ring, and 24" towel bar

This is a very heavy duty bathroom accessory set. 4 pc. It comes with a spike toilet paper holder, spike 24" towel bar, spike 6" towel ring, and a single spike wall hook. The toilet paper holder weighs about 1 lb. It stands 6 1/2" tall and is 6 1/2" wide. It sticks out from the wall about 4" The single spike hook weighs about 11 oz and sticks out about 2 1/2". It is 4 1/2" tall. The spike 6" towel ring is perfect for big bath towels. 1 lb. About 10" tall and 7" wide The spike 24" towel bar is about 25" overall width. It sticks out from the wall 4 1/2". The bar itself stands away from the wall 3 1/4". It weighs about 3 lbs. Note that you can leave one of the two-piece bars out to reduce the width 12", for smaller towels such as the ones for kitchen use.

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