"Chester Plays for Chicken Feed" - painting

Designer: Doyle C. Carver

$ 13.99

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Painted with acrylic paints, markers, and pens during the spring Covid 19 pandemic in the  first several months of 2020.

     Notes:  Chester was our pet rooster when me and my brothers were little boys.  We found him along with about a hundred of his brothers down in the bottoms of Hawkins Creek where it crosses under Whatley Road, near White Oak, Texas.  They were running everywhere and we knew that hardly any would last the night due to the varmints.  We stopped and caught as many as we could and let them run around in the back of Dad's truck.  We may have caught 30.  We brought them home and were suddenly chicken ranchers.   We had to train the dogs to leave them alone.  They lived in a crate for awhile but were soon free range.  They were everywhere.  Being clueless boys we wondered if they could fly.  They would kind of fly away from us when we chased them.   So we would throw them up in the air and watch them glide away.   One landed badly and broke his leg.   He developed a peculiar limp that endeared him to us so we named him Chester after the character on Gunsmoke.   That rooster limped just like that.

     We had a toy piano that my youngest brother Randy would place on the side walk.  If he placed chicken feed just right on the keys, Chester would peck them, making a little chicken concerto.  Kind of sounded like jazz to me.

     So, with his broken leg stuck out like he was about to "stage right!" he would play for as long as Randy fed the keyboard.

     He was closer to Randy than me or Danny.   Chester the Rooster about 1965.---dc

     This painting has glossy photographic prints or matte photographic prints available in various sizes to fit your wall.   Free shipping in the USA 48 states.

I'm a student and probably always will be.  From the beginning thought, to pencil on paper, to the first chosen colors spread across the nothingness.   I love to see where it's going, and after the initial question, the resolve at the end of a painting.  It makes all the details, the clean up and even the stains worth it.  

Note that this Print On Demand product may take as much as two weeks to receive.

The original is available upon request.

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