CAN CRUSHER ALUMINUM drink recycler smasher reducer

Designer: Easy Pull

$ 31.79

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This is a brand new style of aluminum can crusher.  It is perhaps the easiest one to use ever built!  Click on any photo for a closer look.

It is designed for MAXIMUM ease of use.   FIVE YEAR OLD KIDS CAN USE THIS THING!

Folks with disabilities, old folks, or just plain tired folks will like the way this tool works.

The leverage engineered into this can crusher makes the initial stroke about 4 times easier than it's nearest competitor.  Plus the crushing platforms are slightly tilted so that the can is held in place while crushing.  The can can't shoot out at you that way. 

It even has a pivoting grip in its handle making the downstroke easier.  Plus it has a built in stop at the bottom of the stroke to save you or your little ones from getting pinched.  When you lift up on the handle the can simply falls out the bottom.  You don't have to take it out!  You don't even have to touch the can again.

Just install a trashcan  under it for ease of collection.  OR,

OR, buy the attractive and totally simple to use collection bin that is designed to slide into place under this unit.  I have auctions with and without this extra cool device.  It holds 48 crushed cans by itself.  That way you don't need an unsightly trashcan under it.  No matter how you dress up a trashcan it's still a trashcan.  The collector snaps in or out and has a neat handle for grabbing.  If you want it even has a drain hole in the bottom for use outside. 

This can crusher is made of super tough nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum.  It won't rust cause it is built to last.  It comes with two screws so it mounts on any sturdy surface easily.

The unit by itself measures 19" tall and folds up against the wall taking up very little space.  The collection bin measures about 16" tall and together they will go 34" complete.  It turns 4 big bags of aluminum cans into one easy to handle bag or crushed cans.

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