A Day In The Woods, Coming of Age in Texas, 1966

Designer: Doyle C. Carver

$ 9.99

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This is the third book for author Doyle C. Carver and his first fiction.

From the back cover.

"At twelve years old, Bo is unexpectedly promoted from child to man during this special hunting weekend in the woods of East Texas.  He faces a series of tests:  corralling his wayward brothers, protecting his mother's shotgun, keeping track of his prized knife, and meeting his demanding father's expectations.  He may even impress the girl he like--who happens to be the only girl on the hunt.  Travel back to a time when families hunted together and dogs were held in higher esteem than children; at least the children thought so."

 Also available on Audible just copy and paste the below url.



168 pages, Family, Historical Fiction

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