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Lori's Butterfly Bath Assessories Cast Iron 4 pc w/ hardware


Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

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  • Beautiful Butterflies in vintage cast iron
  • natural cast iron color with clear coat to prevent corrosion.
  • 4 pc set, hook, towel bar, towel ring, and toilet paper holder
  • you can easily paint any color you like--be creative!
  • Gorgeous set of cast iron butterflies for your bath or kitchen. Comes complete with hardware. Clear coated to prevent corrosion as long as possible. Toilet paper holder, 24 inch towel bar, towel ring, and hand towel hook. Natural cast iron finish.
  •      I designed (found) old styles of cast iron butterflies and combined them to make totally new items.  A Butterfly Bathroom accessory set.   Made of solid cast iron and as far as I know the only thing like this anywhere.   I imagine somebody somewhere will come back to differ.   Its ok.   Its all folk art.    This is a tiny little commemoration to the life of my buddy Lori.   She was a bright light in my little church family that cancer finally snuffed out.   She loved butterflies and thought they were more than just bugs but signs from God somehow.   So now, they are for me too.   Love you Lori!

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