Relax Lighting No Glare No Buzz Flourescent Clamp on Desk Lamp Office Home Den


Designer: Relax

$ 27.79

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  • Perfect for Computer Users
  • Made of metal and includes desk mount non-slip bracket
  • Measures 41" long when stretched out, lamp to bend is 25 1/2" bend to base is 15"
  • Clamp opens to 2 1/2" at the widest point
  • 2 x 9 watt fluorescent bulbs create equivalent to 75 watt incandescent and halogen bulb
  • Special louvers and reflectors that diffuses light and directs to your work area

The Relax Lighting System limits the exit angle of light, therefore it eliminates all the disadvantages of normal table lamps. It produces concentrated natural light and has no light image on the monitor screen. It eliminates any disturbing direct or reflective glare therefore reducing eye fatigue. This system also uses advanced electronics that eliminates stroboscopic effect. It produces a peaceful, relaxed and natural white lighting for greater comfort while working.

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