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Black All Metal Outdoor Standing Ashtray 36" tall


Designer: Carvers Olde Iron

$ 64.99

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  • 36" tall all metal standing outdoor ashtray
  • perfect for outdoor use for cigarettes and cigar ashes and butts
  • very portable, Easy assembly by hand
  • base measures 9 1/2" across, 
  • bucket measures 9" across, 9" deep, 7 1/2" across bottom
  • Holds lots of butts and ashes. Weighs about 6 lbs.
  • Flat black and is easily repaintable if and when it gets scratched
  • Being metal, if it gets dented you can push the bent part back out and keep on using it.
  • NO PLASTIC, it wont melt
  • Easy dumping, just pull three latches up to take top off. Make sure ashes are dead before dumping!
  • With instructions.

Highly portable standing ashtray with full metal construction.  Painted unobtrusive semi gloss black.   If it gets scratched in use, just keep a can of black spray paint and fix it.  Can be disassembled after use and parts stored inside bucket when not needed. Great for parties outside or where anyone gathers to smoke.  In windy areas add sand to the inside for stability.  Always keep ashtrays empty and make sure ashes are dead.

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