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No Boundaries!

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     I started this business many years ago now on a whim but with a bit of curiosity.    I mean, could I actually make a living at this?    Impossible!  - it seemed, yet here I am.   Now with a team of dedicated work family we have managed to carve a spot for ourselves in the ecommerce world.   Plus what we do is fun.

     Years ago I was told that I had no business doing these things.   That it was too late.   That I had no experience.     That I would most likely fail.     That's when I came up with the 'No Boundaries' motto.     I simply won't be corralled into other people's vision of the future.   I've followed my own this time. (I failed often enough before all this.)     

     Like I said, this is fun.   I will continue, though I have no idea where we are going or where I want to wind up.

Cheers and may God bless us all.


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